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Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa, Managing Director Propharm Japan Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa

Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa explaining the concepts of MFCA (material Flow Cost Accounting) to our team. This will definitely improve us to reduce our costs and benefit our customers. Thanks to NPC and government of India for such initiatives #MakeinIndia.

Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa
Mr. Hiroshi Tachikawa (Managing Director Propharm Japan Co., Ltd.

After being with a multinational pharmaceutical company, Hiroshi has been engaged in a number of environmental consulting projects. Hiroshi has started his own company since 2006, mainly focusing on environmental and social fields. Key activities include the followings:

Engaged in standardization of ISO 14051 (Material Flow Cost Accounting) as a chair group member (assistant secretary)

Member of Material Flow Cost Accounting Committee for Introduction, Demonstration and Local Management (entrusted by Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (June 2009 to present))

Engaged in International Environment, Health and Safety Governance Organization as a representative director

Conducted multiple worldwide environmental advisory, risk management projects

Worked with a number of financial/manufacturing multinational businesses as an environmental advisor/consultant for corporate merger and acquisition (M&A)

Conducted multiple material flow cost accounting related environmental projects that deliver both increased profits and material productivity

On being asked as to what is the leadership according to you

Leadership depends on the position in the hierarchy,

For the Management the Leadership is all about

  • improving skills of its followers and
  • keep its followers/employees motivated towards the companies vision and mission.

For the employee the leadership is all about Think On Their Own in context of the companies progress

What is according to you is the mantra for success?

We need to define what is success clearly, for me the mantra for success is changing the society in a better way. And feel that this is the mantra for success for everyone rather than just going after money. This will surely leverage the person to grow instead of the monetary and tangible things. If you dont feel you are contributing to the society then it is no point to be in business.

Key ingredients for successful workplace

Openness at the workplace is one of the important ingredients.

Transparency from the management side, management should tell the state of the company, what are the difficulties, which direction we are moving, the vision and mission of the company should be defined and should be lived day in day out.

Key message to India

In Japanese culture every one whether he is a small worker or the director of the company is looked upon as same human being.

In Japan bottom up approach is followed in all the organisations. We encourage the ideas of the workers through activities like quality circles, where workers are brought together and made to brainstorm and give their ideas for the solution. This helps to get all engaged in the process and they form part and feel ownership of the activity.

India also shares some similarity in the culture, the only thing is that brainstorming and involving workers in the problems will yield results.

Which was one of the best experience of indian company you have visited?

I visited a company wherein transparency, clear communication and involvement was very good. I visited for the implementation of the MFCA. and the management had already explained to the members that why they want to do MFCA. The team had a very clear understanding and will to implement a rather new concept of MFCA.

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